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Action is what separates imagination from reality. We envisioned a world where real, delicious dairy proteins could exist while cows roam free and the planet prospers. With the aid of science and persistence, we turned our vision into a reality for everyone. You no longer have to just imagine a world where you can have it all because now you can have it all.

Not all dairy is created equally

We make great tasting products without the downsides using the age-old art of fermentation. By combining our admiration for dairy, concern for the planet, and expertise in science, we’ve created dairy proteins that possess the same bold flavour, functionality, experience, mouthfeel, and nutrition as the cow-required dairy you’ve always known and enjoyed. Our animal-free dairy products are also lactose-free, growth hormone-free, and cholesterol-free.

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Food enthusiasts

We dared to do dairy better because we don’t want to live in a world without it. Our process puts creamy, rich, and melt-in-your mouth flavor at the forefront, so your real dairy products maintain their craveable characteristics.

Protein specialists

We know how important protein is for function and nutrition, which is why we’ve applied 15 years of research and innovative AI to unlock the secrets of protein and to be able to replicate them.

Eco optimists

The truths about greenhouse gasses, overconsumption, food insecurity, and overused land don’t scare us– they motivate us to do better. Our love for the planet and an unwavering need to sustain a growing population facing shrinking resources propel us forward. Together, we can do more with less.

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