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Accessibility Statement

“Imagindairy” has recognized the importance of a website that caters to all its customers, including people with sensory, cognitive and technological disabilities. Ensuring our website is accessible to all sectors of the population is part of our commitment.

It must be noted that despite our efforts to make all the pages on the site accessible, you might encounter areas of the website that are not yet accessible. We continue our efforts to improve the site’s accessibility, as part of our commitment to enable its use by the entire population, including people with disabilities.

Keyboard navigation
The site supports keyboard navigation by using the TAB key, the arrows, and the Enter key to activate the various links. In addition, the first link on each page, “skip to main content”, will allow you to go directly to the page’s content.

Text color and background color
The “change contrast” button at the beginning of every page on the site, allows a high contrast level with yellow text on a black background.

To increase the font
• To increase text size on the page: Ctrl +
• To reduce text size on the page: Ctrl –
• To revert text to its original size: Ctrl 0.

To zoom in and out of the screen display
• To zoom in on the screen: F11
• To zoom out and revert to its original size: F11 again

Browser support
The website supports the following browsers:
• Edge
• Firefox (45 and up)
• Google Chrome (49 and up)
• Safari (in OS X 10.10V)

If you encounter and issues while browsing the site, or have a comment or inquiry regarding accessibility, you are welcome to Contact us >