Dairy for everyone

Our mission

To bring healthy and tasty animal-free dairy goods for everyone at an affordable price, while preserving the environment and protecting the animals.

Our Team

Dr. Eyal Afergan
Dr. Eyal Afergan
Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Eyal Afergan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Imagindairy Ltd.

Eyal co-founded Imagindairy after completing 3 years as VP of Business Development at Algatech, a foodtech company located in Kibbutz Ketura, Israel. Algatech develops, cultivates and markets ingredients derived from microalgae. Working closely with Algatech’s CEO, Eyal created the business strategy to position the company as a global leader in microalgae derived dietary supplements.

Prior to Algatech, Eyal worked for 7 years at Enzymotec, the largest food supplement manufacturing company in Israel, where he created and implemented the global marketing strategy and was responsible for all global sale activities of dietary supplements.

Eyal holds a B.Sc. in biochemical engineering from the Technion and a Ph.D. in pharmaceutics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Dr. Arie Abo
Dr. Arie Abo

Arie is an R&D leader with vast experience in developing programs from inception to product development. He has over twenty-five years of experience in the biotechnology industry, including extensive expertise in advanced translational science, drug discovery, preclinical & clinical programs, and most recently, protein-based food technology.

After completing his post doctorate training at University College in London, Arie joined Onyx Pharmaceuticals, an inspiring startup, to establish and direct the company’s inflammation program. In addition, he led the research and development efforts of several biotech companies in the Silicon Valley.

In the last few years, Arie managed a large portfolio of translational and clinical programs in regenerative medicine. He is currently serving as R&D advisor for several startup companies. His work was published in first tier scientific journals, and has led to the unraveling of the molecular basis of two human genetic diseases.

Arie received his B.Sc. In Biochemistry from UCLA. He also holds an M.Sc. and a Ph.D. with distinction from Tel Aviv University’s Microbiology Department.

Pro.Tamir Tuller
Pro.Tamir Tuller
Co-Founder & CSO

Prof. Tamir Tuller is the Co-Founder and CSO of Imagindairy Ltd.

In addition to his position as CSO, Tamir holds an appointment as Full Professor with tenure at Tel Aviv University, where he is the head of the Computational Systems and Synthetic Biology laboratory – one of the largest labs in Israel. The lab team’s central research interests are developing computational approaches for modeling and engineering gene expression for various biotechnological and medical objectives.

Tamir’s formal education and training includes electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, medicine and biology (four BSc, two MSc studies and two PhD titles, respectively).  Before joining Tel-Aviv University, Tamir was a Koshland fellow at the Weizmann Institute of Science, in the faculty of mathematics and the faculty of molecular genetics.  He has previous industrial experience as an electrical engineer, and has often collaborated with Israeli and international biotech companies.

Throughout his career, Tamir has received numerous awards and fellowships. He is the author of more than 130 peer reviewed scientific journal articles, which have been published in top journals and hundreds of other publications (conference papers, abstracts, book chapters and patents).

Dr. Ariella Lavy Alperovitch
Dr. Ariella Lavy Alperovitch
Senior Scientist

Dr. Ariella Lavy Alperovitch is a Senior Scientist at Imagindairy LTD.

At Imagindairy, Ariella managing the protein expression efforts in microorganisms. Ariella has an extensive knowledge and experience in applying synthetic and molecular biology to microbial system research. Prior to her role at Imagindairy, Ariella worked at the laboratory of Prof. Benjamin Horwitz at the Technion where she investigated the molecular and cell signaling of filamentous fungi.

During her postdoctoral training Ariella acquired expertise in microbial biological systems where she managed a collaboration with Agro-Tech company, focused on fungal-bacterial interaction.

Ariella brings a rare expertise to Imagindairy in microbial expression and synthetic biology.

Sivan Mor
Sivan Mor
Head of Process Development

Sivan Mor is Head of Process Development at Imagindairy Ltd.

Sivan is a process development specialist with over 13 years of experience and a proven track record in the food and biotechnology industry. Her operational capabilities include guiding managing projects from the initial idea stage to the establishment of a fully functional process.

Prior to Imagindairy, Sivan established and managed the process development division at Nextferm Technologies, where she served as VP of Engineering. NextFerm Technologies is a biotechnology startup that developed new yeast strains and technology for the production of fermentation-derived nutrients. Working at Nextferm for 5 years, Sivan also served as the company’s QA director and was responsible for establishing its analytical R&D and QA divisions.

Before Nextferm, Sivan led the process development team at Enzymotec, the largest food supplement manufacturing company in Israel. Sivan worked at Enzymotec for 7 years, and was responsible for product & process development from lab scale to full scale production using a wide range of technologies.

Sivan’s experience also includes leading collaborative development projects with partners and customers, supporting tailor-made formulations and spearheading the development of various food, pharmaceutical, infant nutrition and dietary supplements.

Sivan has a B.Sc. in biotechnology engineering from the Ort Braude Academic College of Engineering.

Moti Segal
Moti Segal
Head of Dairy Applications

Moti Segal is Head of Dairy Applications at Imagindairy Ltd.

Moti was a senior manager and a member of the management team at Strauss Dairies for more than 30 years. His last role was that of long-term R&D Director at Strauss Health LTD, Israel’s second largest dairy company.

Moti joined Strauss Dairy in 1976, after receiving his M.Sc. degree in applied microbiology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. For over 40 years, Moti was responsible for the product development, technology innovation & implementation and quality improvement of major Strauss dairy desserts, yogurts and cheese brand products.

As chief technologist and R&D Director at Strauss, Moti became an expert in milk product production and technological processing. Moti was the main contact person at Strauss for all R&D activities associated with the Danone dairy group. He was also responsible for contacts with raw material suppliers and was an active member on several committees, including the Israeli Standards and Israeli Milk Board.