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WE’RE THe MAGIC INGREDIENT that partners with your cravable creations partners with your cravable creations

Together, we can mold a world of novel, nutritious, and never-ending dairy-based products to satisfy all senses.
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Our benefits

Same Taste & Texture

There’s no sacrificing since it tastes, froths, creams, and spreads just like traditional milk.

Functional & Nutritious

The wide-range applications and inherently healthy nutritious value mean that your creation options are as simple as plugging (the dairy protein) and playing (your existing or upcoming product line).

Animal, Cholesterol & Lactose-Free

Precision fermentation makes the same dairy protein possible while advancing dairy for all.


We’ve baked cost-cutting measures into every piece of the process using our proprietary technology, so our dairy proteins are scalable and beneficial to your bottom line.

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